Guest blogger: Sam Gough

We thought it was high time for another guest blogger and have received this wonderfully concise yet passionate contribution from Sam Gough from Venue150@EICC…a devoted Big C volunteer offering an enlightening glimpse into the life of a true Fringe veteran!

Name: Sam Gough
Occupation: Venue manager of Venue150@EICC and host
Lives: in Edinburgh
Favourite comedy act: Jay Leno

I Love the big C and the organisers – so I am of course desperately happy that we are the venue and really looking forward to the evening. This cause is so, so important, I am amazed that this has not been done before – but it’s great that we are taking on the inaugural gala. I’m delighted also that you helped us get into the Fringe record books by going on sale with tickets in the year before the show was happening!

My Top 5…this could be any number of things – I have top 5’s for everything! So, something relevant – maybe a Top 5 of Fringe memories, related to my 21 Edinburgh Fringe festivals!

My Top Five Edinburgh Fringe Memories:

#5 Busking for four hours, earning enough to get a bag of chips for supper and thinking that was the coolest thing ever (I feel I am excused as it was my first ever fringe and my first ever trip to Edinburgh, aged 15)!

#4 Not sleeping for three weeks out of every year for 21 years and being ok about it!

#3 Beating David Coutlhard and Jacque Villeneuve at Scaletrix in a night club during a wrap party.

#2 Working with Jim Bowen and getting an invite to his birthday party – it was super smashing, great!

#1 Surviving three minutes on the open mic in the bear pit – back when it was proper rough!

If you liked that, stay tuned for more guest bloggers as well as updates, humour and anything else we think is worth publishing here on the The Big C blog!

How to get Big C tickets

The Big C: Big Comedy Gala will take place on Monday the 15th of August, Venue150@EICC. Tickets costs £20 with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Tickets available from or by calling 0844 847 1639. Information:


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