Guest blogger: Pamela Williamson

Howdy fellow comedy lovers! Well, now that The Big Comedy Gala 2011 is sold out, we’re able to pause for breath and pat ourselves and all our supporters and friends on the back – but our work is far from done.

In-between our day jobs and the odd bit of sleep, we’re keeping busy, thinking hard about ways to raise even more cash for Macmillan; meeting with all sorts of fabulous people who will help us manage this year’s The Big C event and make sure it’s a roaring success; and starting to plan for next year!

We also want to keep this blog going and add posts on a regular basis and anyone who has been keeping track will know that to date, we’ve still only published two guest blogs. Shame on us.

Enter Pam, guest blogger #3 and our fabulous liaison at Macmillan Cancer Support. She likes dirty dancing and boys with tape in the face! If you don’t believe me, read for yourself:

Name: Pamela Williamson
Occupation: Fundraising Manager – Edinburgh, Macmillan Cancer Support
Lives in: Edinburgh
Favourite comedy act: The boy with tape on his face

Hi, my name is Pam and I work for Macmillan Cancer Support. I have been working with Mhari and Barry on the Big C project as the Macmillan representative…although to be honest they have been incredible and have barely needed any support from me! I am totally thrilled to be involved though and have been loving tweeting and facebooking about the event.

Being able to let our Macmillan supporters know about such a high profile event in Edinburgh has been a real bonus and they are so excited to be able to come along and help Macmillan celebrate on such a special evening during our centenary year!

I found it pretty difficult to think of a top five in one particular area, so I have gone for something a bit obvious – namely films!

My top five films

#1 The Fall (an awesome, beautiful film)

#2 Mary and Max (a seriously sweet animation that I watched recently)

#3 Dirty Dancing (A classic! Hee hee!)

#4 Lars and the real girl (I thought it was going to be very weird but I really loved it in the end)

#5 Burlesque (it makes you wanna sing and dance!)

You can still support The Big C and help raise more funds for Macmillan – even if you are not going to the event itself – by donating what you can spare here.

Many thanks and keep laughing!


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