Lisa Kudrow’s laughter will be there for you!

Just when we thought we were well and truly over Friends, along comes Lisa Kudrow’s huh-larious laughter and tickles our fancy raw!

Ok, if you insist on complete honesty, we weren’t over Friends at all. Despite reruns to the point where the show has virtually become the entertainment equivalent of white noise – and the fact that it reminds us of our real age – we do love us some Friends. In fact, we’re watching it as we type this. No really, we are.

Friends will be there for us – we know this as whenever the reruns end on one channel, they start up on another. And whether you like that particular brand of comedy or not,  denying Friends its place in the sitcom hall of fame would be calling Samantha Brick a humble, grounded feminist.

That said, there are only so many times you can watch the same episode of Friends in six months and still laugh at the jokes. So we were delighted to find the below YouTube clip of Lisa Kudrow bloopers, which had us in stitches, rekindling that warm, fuzzy, Friendly feeling.

The only thing we’re not quite sure about is why the Friends directors didn’t give Phoebe the gift of Lisa Kudrow’s real-life laugh. It’s pure comedy brilliance – check it out for yourself!

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