Life’s Survival Bible

It’s been a couple of days since all of our wonderful acts kicked the show in the clunge, and what an incredible night it was.

While we’re waiting for the final tally, what better way to occupy yourself than to getting to know some of the acts better.

Phil Walker, Steve Shanyaski and of course our wonderful host for the night Roy.

You’ll know by now that we’re the very stickler for taste and only ever settle for the very best.  With that in mind, you’d have to be very special to grace our stage for both our galas so far (and yes, we’ll mention it once more – he smells like a fecking angel).

Ladies and gentlemen and inbetweenies, if you were at either of the shows you’ve already seen what this guy can do in 7 minutes.  Why not let him pleasure your laugh holes for a full hour.

We give you Steve Shanyaski.

Age: 35

Occupation: Stand Up Comedian

What is your involvement in The BigC?

I performed in the first Big Comedy Gala in 2011 and also last Monday’s gig.

Who is your favourite comedy hero, act or actor?

Eddie Izzard was the act I watched when I was younger and thought, “That’s just like what we talk about?”.  I was inspired from that moment to try comedy.  All I had to do then was get a series of menial jobs so depressing that it forced me to have a quarter-life crisis, and eventually overcome stage-fright.

Favourite comedy moment (your own or someone else’s)?

Julie Walter’s waitress in the “2 Soups” sketch.  It kills me every time.  The pain and tension of eventuality in it – in fact, I’m going to watch it again on Youtube now… Done… “Ready to order?”… Brilliant!  Either that, or the absurd Monty Python “Fish-Slapping Dance”.

What in your everyday life always makes you laugh?

Tough question this. A lot of my comedy material is born from frustration and anger, so anything that makes me angry will eventually make me laugh – except debt.  Debt, and Piers Morgan.

Who is your secret celebrity crush?

Michaela Strachan – always will be.  She had a few naughty years when she was working with her Granddad on “Hitman & Her”, but now she’s calmed down and settled into hiking and topography – and still looks great in cess-covered gaiters and full-body Gore-Tex, which is a difficult look to pull off?!

In five words, why should people support The Big Comedy Gala?

Charity GOOD… not supporting = BAD!

Steve Shanyaski’s show Life’s Survival Bible plays Pleasance Couryard every night until the 26th (inclusive) at 11pm.  Tickets can be bought on or at the venue.


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