Opinions are like nipples…

This week on the Big C blog, we’re revisiting an old favourite. We love author David Thorne’s 27b/6 website – if you’ve not checked it out already, set some time aside for it pronto! We’ll be very surprised if you don’t leave the site wanting more.

To illustrate his comic genius, here is an excerpt from one of his articles, based on an email exchange between David and a disgruntled cat lady…this had us crying with laughter – literally:

Opinions are like nipples…

“Dear Ella,

Your efforts to protect both cats and customers should not go unacknowledged. If you have access to a printer and scissors, you could make yourself a little badge.

Anyone can form an opinion but it takes a certain type of person to carry that opinion through to consumer censorship. In a million years, if mankind dies out and cats inherit the earth, they will probably build a statue of you featuring a cat nestled in one arm, a can of petrol in the other, and a pile of my books at your feet. Or one of you cleaning your bum with your tongue.”

Read the full article here.

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