Introducing this year’s special guest…hot damn, we’re excited!

You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at:

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Monday 13 August 2012 at 21:30 (2hrs): £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage)

Introducing Mhari – a brief chat with our producer

If you subscribe to the Big C blog or read it regularly, you will probably be aware that we like to interview people who are involved in the Big Comedy Gala in some way, or who we think are relevant in general.

This week, the turn has come to someone who did her best to escape attention last year, but who as a co-founder of the Gala is both crucial and central to its existence. She’s also very clever and funny, with hair that just won’t quit.

If you haven’t guessed by now, you probably don’t know her – give it up for Big C producer and arts aficionado, Mhari Hetheringtion!

Mhari Hetherington

The one and only Mhari Hetherington

Full name: Mhari Hetherington

Age: 33

Occupation: Arts Administrator

We’ve kind of already covered this, but tell us in your own words; what is your involvement in The Big C?

Barry and I are the producers. It was all Barry’s idea, but I’m very proud to be a part of it and help raise cash for cancer support charities like Macmillan.

Who is your favourite comedy hero, act or actor?

Joanna Lumley for Patsy, Stephen Fry for pith, Nicholas Parsons for the lifetime achievement award, Mark Thomas for inspirational polemic, and Buster Keaton for fall about physicality and romance.

Favourite comedy moment (your own or someone else’s)?

At the first Big Comedy Gala [in 2011], there was a moment when one of the comics forgot to announce the next act, and Roy Walker slowly walked on to stage. My favourite moment was listening to the crowd audibly start to roar as they recognised  him. It was a nice wee happy accident. He was brilliant and had everyone giggling at his dark, dead pan gags.

What in your everyday life always makes you laugh?

People falling down.

Who is your secret celebrity crush?

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.

In five words, why should people come to (or support) The Big Comedy Gala?

Be part of something great.

Well said, couldn’t agree more!

You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at:

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Monday 13 August 2012 at 21:30 (2hrs): £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage)

Lisa Kudrow’s laughter will be there for you!

Just when we thought we were well and truly over Friends, along comes Lisa Kudrow’s huh-larious laughter and tickles our fancy raw!

Ok, if you insist on complete honesty, we weren’t over Friends at all. Despite reruns to the point where the show has virtually become the entertainment equivalent of white noise – and the fact that it reminds us of our real age – we do love us some Friends. In fact, we’re watching it as we type this. No really, we are.

Friends will be there for us – we know this as whenever the reruns end on one channel, they start up on another. And whether you like that particular brand of comedy or not,  denying Friends its place in the sitcom hall of fame would be calling Samantha Brick a humble, grounded feminist.

That said, there are only so many times you can watch the same episode of Friends in six months and still laugh at the jokes. So we were delighted to find the below YouTube clip of Lisa Kudrow bloopers, which had us in stitches, rekindling that warm, fuzzy, Friendly feeling.

The only thing we’re not quite sure about is why the Friends directors didn’t give Phoebe the gift of Lisa Kudrow’s real-life laugh. It’s pure comedy brilliance – check it out for yourself!

For more pure comedy brilliance, make sure you join us at Venue 150 on the 13th of August at 21:30 for The Big Comedy Gala 2012.

You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at:

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The show lasts for two hours and cost £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage).

Meet our Big C ticket give-away winner!

We recently ran a competition on Facebook, giving one lucky comedy fan the chance to win a pair of tickets to The Big Comedy Gala.

Imagine that…the world’s most awesome stand up gala event ever (we’re almost certain) at no cost! I guess we have to concede that the best things in life are free after all, despite what we wrote on here last week.

Well, on the 1st of May, our dashing volunteer Kevin pulled the name of Julia Morrison, 28, from Edinburgh, out of an envelope full of hopefuls, making her our winner and the envy of this season’s Fringe enthusiasts.

We took the opportunity to ask Julia a few questions to find out a bit more about her and rub the whole free tickets thing in everyone else’s face some more.

So, Julia, congratulations on your big win! Now tell us a bit about yourself…like what you do for a living and some weird quirk you have.

I think I have a super life. I’ve got a bunch of great friends and very few responsibilities. Long may it continue!

I work for a charity looking after their digital comms – websites, ebulletins and social media. My proudest achievement at work is becoming the keeper of the biscuits. This makes me the most popular member of the team.

Having consulted with my sister, apparently I have no quirks. I’m completely bland.

Ouch! Well, you’re quite hot at least – are you funny?

Why, thank you. You are pretty handsome yourself. I’m fairly clumsy so maybe that makes me slapstick? Is slapstick funny?

Erm…let’s answer your question with another question: Is it more important to be hot or funny?

I surround myself with people who are sexy and amusing in equal measure. One without the other is a sad state of affairs.

Do you think our volunteer Kevin is hot or funny or both?

In the 22 second video of Kevin he doesn’t display any comic genius – I will form an opinion on that once presented with more evidence.

However, Kevin is clearly hot and talented. Only a man of genius could pull MY name out of an envelope.

Tough – he’s gay and married so hands off! Who’s the funniest person in your life?

It is hard to choose just one. But I suppose, if pushed, it would have to be my friend Charlotte. She is quick, imaginative and dexterous with words. A mini Oscar Wilde.

When you’re not hanging out with Charlotte what do you like to do?

Being Scottish, I seem to find myself in the pub a lot. But that is OK, I like it there. I can frequently be found having “just one more”.

I am also lucky in that I’m dating my own personal chef so we like to cook a lot. I say “we”, I peel the garlic and he does anything that involves culinary talent.

What did you think and / or shout when you found out you had won the Big C tickets?

I was alone in a changing cubicle at the swimming pool when I found out so I had a quiet smile to myself. I did not want to arouse any undue suspicion.

But I was super chuffed as I’ve never won any game of chance – not even the Christmas raffle. I hope this bodes well for my lottery ticket…

Yes, we’ll be expecting a hefty donation if you win! Who will you be taking with you to The Big C?

My boyfriend Paul will be getting the other freebie ticket – he deserves it! But since it is my birthday on 13 August I’ll be bringing an entourage of family and friends.

That’s what we like to hear! What makes The Big C an amazing event to you?

First off, it is a great opportunity to raise a lot of money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support. They do absolutely fantastic work!

I’m always really impressed to see how many comedians give their time freely to support the show. They can’t all be the sociopaths we imagine them to be.

And finally, cancer is an awful disease that touches so many lives. Comedy is a great way to celebrate the life we have. There is nothing better in life than having a good laugh with friends.

If you could choose one comedian or act that you would like to see in the Big Comedy Gala, who would you pick?

Last year I was fortunate enough to stumble across Marcel Lucont’s show at the Festival. He is my new comedy crush. He is suave, sexy, superior and doesn’t wear any shoes.

Well, thank you for your time Julia…we hope you and Paul enjoy the Big Comedy Gala 2012 – we’ll see you there!

Until then; keep laughing!


Julia Morrison, Big C fan and our ticket give-away winner.

You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at:

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Monday 13 August 2012 at 21:30 (2hrs): £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage)

The best things in life are TOTES not free…

But at a mere £22 they’re still a bargain, and they come with the wholesome smugness of doing something good. By which we mean bitch slapping cancer square in the box.

And surely few things in life could be better than enjoying an evening of brilliant comedy, led by none other than the legendary Roy Walker, whilst basking in the fulfilling knowledge that your cash is helping Macmillan look after people with, and affected by, cancer?

Unless you know someone giving away magic unicorns and world peace, the answer to that question should be ‘No’. We think so anyway, which is why we are aiming to make the Big Comedy Gala 2012 even bigger and funnier than last year.

In 2011 we raised just over £18,000 so this year we’re aiming for £20K. The only thing you need to do to help us achieve this kick-ass goal is buy your ticket. Hell, buy one for your friends too! And your mum and your dad and your partner – maybe even organise a staff night out? Everyone deserves a slice of the Big C pie of laughter!

Tickets are on sale right now – in fact we’ve already sold hundreds of them a mere two weeks after release – so get yours now and help us make The Big C the comedy charity event of the 2012 Festival Fringe!

You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at:

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Monday 13 August 2012 at 21:30 (2hrs): £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage)

Comedy gold Gloria nuggets – get yours now!

One of our absolute favourite shows of recent times here at The Big C HQ is Modern Family – every episode is like a comedy gold nugget shower and the acting is phenomenal.

Among the funnier characters in the show without a doubt, is Gloria – played with perfect comic timing by Sofia Vergaras. Admittedly, we were marginally less impressed when we realised she actually talks like that for real, but even so she’s pretty amazeballs.

If you’re not already a Modern Family junky, we recommend you check it out immediately – but brace yourself for intense addiction!

In the meanwhile, here are a few Gloria nuggets for you to feast your eyes and ears on. Enjoy!

The Big Comedy Gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Monday 13 August 2012 at 21:30 (2hrs): £22 (subject to booking fee of £2 to £2.40 per ticket + postage). You can book tickets now by calling 0844 847 1639 or buy online at: